Eco-friendly holidays

The holidays don’t have to mean a time of excess, consumerism, and waste. Instead, we can develop beautiful traditions through which we can celebrate the season, enjoy our loved ones’ company, and honour our shared planet.

Holiday wrapping tutorial

Low-waste wrapping tutorial

I decided to do a little tutorial of some wrapping methods, using very simple materials you probably have kicking around your home. 


How to wrap experience gifts

Experience gifts don’t have to mean that there’s nothing to unveil. Experiences can be “wrapped” to make them even more fun. Here’s how to do it.

Troubleshooting low-waste gift giving

What if others aren’t on board?

I get a lot of questions about one particular problem when it comes to minimal and low-waste gift giving: what about well-meaning loved ones who just don’t get it?

Glitter is plastic

Is there plastic on your greeting cards?

Did you know that the glitter on greeting cards is plastic? With a few rare exceptions, the vast majority of glitter (on cards, holiday decorations, crafts, etc.) is microplastic.

Holiday secondhand shopping for kids

Holiday secondhand shopping tips for kids

If you’re feeling intimidated, please don’t! Shopping secondhand is easy and fun, I promise. Here are a few tips and tricks.

Thoughtful gift giving

What does it mean to give thoughtfully?

What makes a gift truly thoughtful? When I think about gift giving, one story is permanently stuck in my brain.

Holiday events, low waste

Going to a Christmas market? Tips for low-waste public events

’Tis the season for winter markets and craft fairs. Unfortunately, these sorts of public events also typically mean single-use plastic.

Building holiday traditions

Build holiday traditions the whole family will love

How do we enjoy the holidays without overspending and creating waste? By building holiday traditions to savour every year.

Low-waste and experience gifts

Low-waste and experience gift ideas

I’ve always loved gift giving, but now I do it in a better way. Here’s my grand list of gift ideas. Hopefully you’ll find it inspiring too!