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I just wanted to share an article I wrote that’s been published on Motherly. For those who don’t follow it, Motherly is a wonderful, beautiful website full of inspiring and fun content for moms:

Here’s the post. Hope you enjoy!

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Why I’m choosing to be positive, every damn day

Choose positivity

Sometimes things fall apart.

It happens to everyone–or at least most people–at some point. And recently, things fell apart for me. Without getting into too many details, through no fault of our own, we have been forced to leave our home for an indefinite amount of time (at least several months). The emergency happened in the middle of the night: Scott and I picked up our baby, grabbed the carrier and a blanket, and left. We called my parents, who had just moved into their new place (which was, of course, a cardboard canyon of moving boxes) and joined them. To make things worse, we were also in the midst of moving. In fact, our offer on a new place had been accepted that very day and we were in a celebratory mood.

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17 nontraditional songs to sing to babies

Singing to newborns

Babies love songs. For whatever reason, it’s just the way it is. Whether you’re musically gifted or, like me, usually reserve your vocal stylings for the shower, having a baby turns just about every parent into a singer out of necessity.

For the first six weeks of his life, my colicky baby could only be soothed by my dancing and singing around the room. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that most of the songs I wanted to sing had lyrics that weren’t exactly kid-friendly. And, well, let’s face it: there are only so many times you can sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” before you just. can’t. any. more.

Out of desperation, I sat down and made of some songs that are baby-appropriate and also fun to sing. 

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