Summer Lovin’

Summer beauty products: tinted moisturizer, lipstick, and bronzer

I have a love-hate relationship with summer skincare and beauty. On the one hand, I love the low-key, stress-free, easygoing summer vibe. On the other hand, summer skin can be kinda gross, between greasy sunscreen, sweat, and dehydration.

Really, it’s all about choosing the right products, and opting for a less-is-more attitude. These three products have saved me time and time again this summer! Continue reading “Summer Lovin’”

Ingredients, research, and shopping, oh my…


Lately I’ve been getting more and more strict about the ingredients in my skincare products and makeup. This all started when I realized that a newly discovered favourite product of mine had a formaldehyde-releasing ingredient (glyoxal) and a controversial preservative (phenoxyethanol) that may or may not be better or worse than parabens. Sigh… What’s a beauty product lover to do? Start researching better products, of course!

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Fave find: A lovely eyeshadow palette


Happy (almost) Halloween! Ever since my trick-or-treating years ended, I haven’t been a big Halloween person. So, moving right along…

I’m curious: do you buy eyeshadow palettes, or do you buy individual colours to mix and match on your own? Sometimes I buy palettes and only use a few colours, which seems like such a waste. But then again, it’s always less expensive to buy a set.

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