All about BPA (and its alternatives)

All about BPA (and its alternatives)

I was fortunate to hear about BPA way back in 2010ish, when the “scandal” (I’ll call it) first broke. I was fresh out of undergrad and was working at part-time at a health food store, with a part-time editorial internship at a natural health magazine (alive). No surprise: I was hearing about BPA left, right, and centre. At the store, I spoke to concerned customers about it. At the magazine, I edited articles about it by science writers, which meant fact-checking everything by reading scientific articles. I was in BPA-land!

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Fave Find: Skin Essence Organics

Skin essence organics products

I’m officially back after a bit of a self-imposed mat leave. I was working right up to the last minute–my little one showed up the night after my last blog post was published. In fact, I remember finishing up a work email while breathing through contractions! Such is the life of a freelancer, haha.

I can’t believe how quickly the time flies–my little guy is four months old already, and the holidays are right around the corner. And speaking of which, I have a fantastic gift recommendation for the clean beauty product lover in your life (or … you know … for yourself). Plus, keep reading for a special discount code! Continue reading “Fave Find: Skin Essence Organics”