What’s the problem, anyway? Fighting back against Fast Fashion

There’s no getting around it: our thirst for inexpensive, trendy clothing is killing the planet and its people. It may seem like $10 for a t-shirt is no big deal, but the “fast fashion” model of cheaply made pieces produced in staggering volumes has no place in a sustainable world.

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How to Evaluate Companies

How to Evaluate Companies

It’s a huge question: how can we evaluate companies, and which ones are best? How can we tell the difference between a company that’s doing good, and one that’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Sometimes it’s harder to judge than we think, and we’ve probably all fallen victim to marketing at one point or another. I know I have!

In the following paragraphs, I’ve attempted to put together a few tips and strategies for evaluating brands and becoming conscious consumers. We’re talking about greenwashing and corporate social responsibility here, so it’s a huge, and often confusing, topic!

Please note that these are general tips, and there will always be exceptions to these rules. Still, hopefully, these strategies will help serve as guiding principles.

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