On Customizing Products


Fable Naturals, my favourite local skin care line (and did I mention that it’s handmade, fair trade, and all natural too?) has two new products: a Green Tea & Clay Rejuvenating Mask, and a Quinoa & Almond Fresh Skin Exfoliant. I’ve been using them both for a couple months now (about once a week) and I can definitely say that I’m in love.

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Cult beauty favourites


Have any of you ever tried one of those beauty or skincare products that have achieved cult status, only to be disappointed? I’ve had my fair share of those moments too. However, sometimes the products live up to the hype. Most of the time, I’m sure, it depends on the situation and person. As I’ve said before: not every product works for every person.

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Fave Find: Pearl & Daisy Skin Tonic


I confess: I don’t really love lavender. The scent just doesn’t do it for me. But lavender loves my skin. A lot. Pretty much every skin care product made with lavender has done wonders for my complexion. This new discovery of mine is no exception!

I stumbled upon Pearl & Daisy Lavender Skin Tonic when I was at Whole Foods a few months back. Its ingredient list is super simple and very clean: just lavender, witch hazel, and vegetable glycerin. They also have a rosewater option and a neroli option, which I’m sure are just as lovely. I was also thrilled to discover that the company is Nova Scotian (three cheers for Canada!).

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The new facial cleansers on the block

Cleansers1I feel like I’m starting to ignore a lot of what the mainstream beauty and skin care brands say about treating your skin type, and instead do what feels right to me. After all, who knows my skin better than me?

What I mean to say is that I’ve been slowly transitioning away from using products formulated for oily/blemish-prone skin, and instead looking for gentle products made for sensitive skin. Even though I do have oily, blemish-prone skin, it can also be dry, and it’s very sensitive. (Goodbye salicylic acid, hello witch hazel!) My skin has seriously never looked better.

When it comes to facial cleansers, I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough!

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