The joy of a simple skincare routine

The joy of a simple skincare routine

I have a secret to tell you… All of my teenage years and twenties when I was looking for the holy grail of skincare I had no idea that simply doing LESS would be the best for my skin. I’d buy elaborate skincare routines, listening to the sales pitches about what would be the best for drying out my skin where I needed it dried out and moisturizing it where it needed moisture. I’ve probably spent thousands over the years. And guess what? It made no difference!

Granted, if you had bad acne or serious skin conditions you’ll likely need a specialized routine and the help of a professional, but for my regular old sorta-dry-sorta-oily skin, simple is best.

And when I say simple I mean SIMPLE.

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Going zero waste: Why is it so hard? … and how to do it anyway

Going zero waste: Why is it so hard? … and how to do it anyway

I’ve been thinking a lot about effort, and privilege, these days.

I had someone ask me the other day why I didn’t cloth diaper when J was a newborn. Honestly, the newborn period was really challenging for me, and the extra bit of effort that would go into cloth diapering was just completely beyond me at the time. That’s the honest truth. Knowing what I do know, and knowing what to expect from the newborn period, I believe I could do it if I have a second child one day.

Then I had a friend tell me that sometimes depression creeps in and it’s hard to put in the work to become zero-waste. I understand what she means: sometimes it’s just too much. Reducing your waste is important, yes, but it’s crucial to prioritize your mental well-being.

This is not laziness. This is doing what you need to, in order to get through challenging times.

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Fave Find: Skin Essence Organics

Skin essence organics products

I’m officially back after a bit of a self-imposed mat leave. I was working right up to the last minute–my little one showed up the night after my last blog post was published. In fact, I remember finishing up a work email while breathing through contractions! Such is the life of a freelancer, haha.

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Loving Love Your Suds!


It’s a very special feeling when someone you care about is succeeding at something they’re passionate about. I love rooting for people who are following their dreams! In this case, my friend and former coworker Belinda has launched her own all-natural, artisan soap company, Love Your Suds. But I should stop right there: this post isn’t because Belinda is my friend. It’s because her soaps are fantastic! Continue reading “Loving Love Your Suds!”