Zero Waste tips & simple swaps

Living low-waste doesn’t need to be complicated or hard! These are some of my favourite zero waste tips and simple swaps. (Please note that many others can be found on other sections of my website, such as Green Parenting or Food & Drink.)

45 at-home eco actions

I’ve received a lot of questions about how we can continue (or start!) our eco-friendly lifestyles during COVID-19. It’s disheartening for sure; however, there’s likely a lot you’re already doing.

20 money-saving zero waste tips

Can you save money going low-waste? Yes! Please don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to buy a lot of fancy new products to live in a low-waste way.

7 ways to say “no”

If you’re new to the idea of zero waste and struggle with the thought of declining single-use plastic, free promotional items, or other unwanted items, you may find these tips helpful. 

60 zero waste resolutions

Going “Zero Waste” was my 2019 resolution, so that’s what I’m sharing with you now, in hopes of inspiring others to follow your own journeys. If you want to be “more eco-friendly” but don’t know how to start, this list is for you.

Travel mugs

Simple swap: travel mugs

Do you bring your own mug to get your coffee? If everyone did, we’d save 500 billion cups from landfills every year. These seemingly paper cups aren’t even 100% paper—if they were, they’d leak.

Easiest zero waste swap

What’s the easiest zero waste swap?

What’s the easiest Zero Waste swap to make? In my experience, it’s anything that you need to replace once and never again. What do I include in this category? Find out!

Repair, don't replace

Repair, don’t replace

Compared to rebuying, it’s extremely cost effective, and it’s a good investment if you want a piece to last. And of course it’s eco-friendly! Here are my top tips for repairing.

What if you don't have a refill store near you?

What if you don’t have a refill store nearby?

What if you don’t have a bulk or refill store near you? For those in certain areas, refill stores are nowhere to be found.

zero waste travel tips

Zero waste travel tips

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can reduce your waste even when you’re far from home and away from your regular routine.