Slow & ethical fashion

What is it to dress sustainably? Which textiles are eco-friendly? How can we make the best shopping decisions for the planet when it comes to clothing? These are just some of the questions I’ve sought to answer on this page.

Slow & ethical fashion

What’s the problem with fast fashion?

There’s no getting around it: our thirst for inexpensive, trendy clothing is killing the planet and its people.

Secondhand shopping

Three cheers for secondhand shopping!

If you’re hesitant, I promise that it’s an enjoyable experience! There’s something for everyone.


Fashion textiles 101: a primer for non-scientists

Time to put on your magnifying glass and examine what we’re wearing, in terms of the materials themselves.

Diversity and inclusivity in fashion

Inclusivity & diversity in the fashion industry

Representation matters in the fashion industry.

Ethical production in the fashion industry

Ethical production in the fashion industry

It’s imperative that we also ask who made our clothes, and how they were treated.

Microplastic in clothing

“Are you wearing plastic?”

My article in the March 2020 issue of alive magazine.