Materials & ingredients

If you’re curious to learn more about plastics and other materials, this is the place for you! For each material, I’ve tried to answer these questions: What is it? Where can you find it? How can it be recycled or disposed of? Are there health risks? Are there environmental risks? Are there special considerations? This page is intended for non-scientists: people who want to learn more about the materials we use in our everyday lives. And as always, I’ve included my sources. Please note that I am not a health professional, scientist, or expert. Always seek professional help for your health concerns or questions.

Resin codes, plastics

My “Plastics Series”, compiled

I’ve compiled my Plastics Series here, numbers 1 through 7, in depth.

Materials & ingredients

What are resin codes?

And why do they matter? You may be surprised!

The truth about plastic: my article in alive magazine

“The Truth about Plastics”

This article was published in the February 2020 issue of alive magazine.

How to handle plastics

How to handle plastic safely

It’s actually quite sensitive! Do you know the rules?

Other recycling symbols

Do you know what these recycling symbols mean?

Hint: some of them do NOT mean recyclable.

How to reuse plastic

How to reuse plastic safely

Yes, you can reuse some single-use plastic! But do it safely.

All about BPA (and its alternatives)

All about BPA (and its alternatives)

A notorious chemical that’s hiding in plain sight.


What’s the deal with silicone?

Often touted as a “green” alternative to plastic. But is it really?


What’s the deal with aluminum?

Is it eco-friendly? Is it safe? Read and find out!