Green parenting

One of the lenses through which I see environmentalism is motherhood. Here are a few pieces I’ve written on the subject.

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My open letter

In June 2019, I wrote an open letter sharing my thoughts on climate change from my perspective as a mother. My letter, “Dear World Leaders: Should I Have a Second Baby?” went viral on social media, with 40,000 likes, 1,200 comments, and 11k shares on Instagram.

The immense response I received from the public showed me just how much people care about these issues. It has inspired me to write about the big topics: eco-anxiety, intersectionality, and activism, as well as continuing to champion individual change, such as striving to live in a “Zero Waste” way.

I’m fuelled by the thousands of young people who have reached out to me, and the future generations who deserve a healthy planet. I believe that we can all make a difference and help to create a better world.

Here’s some coverage on it in Star Vancouver newspaper.