Green parenting

One of the lenses through which I see environmentalism is motherhood. Here are a few pieces I’ve written on the subject.

How to go low-waste with kids

Is it possible to go Zero Waste with kids? Certainly!

Climate change and children's health

Climate change & children’s health

The medical journal The Lancet recently warned of the dangers to children’s health in a warming world.

Toddlers and transit

Toddlers & transit

Taking a toddler on transit is an interesting experience, but overall I think it’s a very positive one!

Restaurant kit

Create a zero waste restaurant kit for kids

Here’s a fun little low-waste tip : pack a “zero waste restaurant kit” for your little ones!

Nontoxic products for kids

Avoiding harmful chemicals in kids’ products

Unfortunately, many products for babies and children contain hazardous chemicals and environmental pollutants. 

Low-waste goodie bags

Low-waste goodie bags!

Birthday party coming up? If you’d like to give away some favours, here are a few ideas.