Food & drink

Food is political, powerful, and a huge concern in a warming planet. How can we eat sustainably? This is one question I’ve tried to tackle in my writing. And yes, I’ve also included some delicious recipes and useful tips!

Thinking critically

Food & drink

All about food waste

Here’s some information about the issues surrounding food waste, including what we can do to help fix the problem.

How to eat sustainably

Here are a few action items and tips about eco-friendly living.

Is there plastic in your tea?

Your daily cup of tea…with a side of plastic! Yes, that’s right. Here’s why it matters, and what to do instead.

Recipes & tips

Easy roasted chickpeas

This snack is perfect for when you want something savoury and crunchy, a bit like potato chips.

Homemade granola

Homemade granola is endlessly customizable and easier than you might think!

Zero Waste swaps

Zero waste takeout tips

If you’re new to bringing your own containers when you pick up takeout, here are my top tips.