Eco-friendly cleaning

Get started with low-waste, eco-friendly cleaning with these tips and DIYs. I hope you enjoy!

Eco-friendly cleaning

Zero waste dishwashing station

Here’s a peek inside my low-waste kitchen sink and washing-up cleaning tools. 

DIY vinegar-based glass cleaner

This DIY couldn’t be easier: I promise! It’s perfect for mirrors, windows, and more.

DIY vinegar-free all-purpose cleaner

For everything you can’t use vinegar on, here’s what you can use!

Stainless steel cleaner DIY

DIY stainless steel cleaner

Smudged stainless steel from toddler fingerprints? Me too. Here’s your solution.

A trick for cleaning glass jars

A trick for cleaning glass jars

It’s easier than you think you remove the sticky residue from glass jars. Here’s how!

Zero waste toilet paper

Eco-friendly toilet paper

Yes, you can get eco-friendly toilet paper! Here’s how to do it, and why it’s important.