Why I’m choosing to be positive, every damn day

Choose positivity

Sometimes things fall apart.

It happens to everyone–or at least most people–at some point. And recently, things fell apart for me. Without getting into too many details, through no fault of our own, we have been forced to leave our home for an indefinite amount of time (at least several months). The emergency happened in the middle of the night: Scott and I picked up our baby, grabbed the carrier and a blanket, and left. We called my parents, who had just moved into their new place (which was, of course, a cardboard canyon of moving boxes) and joined them. To make things worse, we were also in the midst of moving. In fact, our offer on a new place had been accepted that very day and we were in a celebratory mood.

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Hello, there

Baby and flowers

Hi friends,

Welcome to my newly renovated site!

I’m way overdue for posting anything, for several reasons. 

Since having my son, J, last summer, my priorities and interests have shifted. For the first few months, motherhood was all I could focus on. Those of you who have children can understand how all-consuming the newborn period is! After that, I managed to make time for my pressing deadlines, housework, and family—but still not for hobbies like blogging!

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