Eco-friendly holidays, solved

Eco friendly holidays

I love the holidays! As we all know, though, Christmas is going to look different this year. It’s no surprise that COVID has turned everything, including the holidays, upside down. However, as with being eco-minded, it’s all about creativity: finding innovative ways to make things fun and festive. With that in mind, I’ve compiled some of the posts and articles I’ve written over the years, to hopefully help inspire your own (COVID-safe, eco-friendly) celebrations.

Conscious celebrations

I had the opportunity to write all about celebrating the holidays in an eco-friendly way in a brand-new article for alive magazine: Conscious Celebrations. I covered everything from gift giving to entertaining, and you can read all about it online here.

Here are some other posts I hope you will love!

2020 eco-friendly gift guide

Gift giving

Gift wrapping

Other tips

Glitter is plastic

Happy holidays, everyone!

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