DIY sugar scrub

Lemon sugar scrub

DIY: Exfoliating sugar scrub ✨ 🍋 Hello smooth, moisturized skin! This exfoliating scrub is such a little luxurious treat for your shower or bath routine—it feels like you’re at a spa, even though of course you’re at home. Plus, there’s no need for moisturizer afterward, as once the sugar is rinsed off, the coconut oil remains and helps to hydrate your skin.

DISCLAIMER: lemon juice can increase sensitivity to the sun. Always rinse this off thoroughly, use proper SPF and sun safety, and do what is right for you. Feel free to swap another ingredient if you like, and contact your health care professional if you have questions. I am not a health care professional and I’m just sharing what has worked for me.


  • 1/4 cup coconut oil (or any oil would work)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • optional additions: essential oils, lemon juice/rind (what I used here), or whatever you like


  • melt coconut oil
  • combine all ingredients in container (stir well to mix it up)
  • store in a cool dry place when not in use
  • to use: scoop some into your hand and buff onto your skin with your hands, exfoliating mitt, or washcloth .

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