Supporting small businesses–now and always

Small businesses

Let’s talk about small businesses and COVID-19! I know I talk about supporting small local businesses all the time but here I go again, because it’s more important now than ever before! Here’s why:

We’re all struggling in these crazy times, and small businesses are hit particularly hard. On the other hand, billionaires (cough cough Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon) are profiting HUGELY from this crisis. When you support a small business, you support someone’s dream and hard work. Small business owners are so incredibly grateful for every order, and the care/attention they put into their products/services is incomparable. 

When trying to avoid in-store shopping, the first instinct for many of us may be to order goods online from major retailers, but I urge you to look first for a small local option to support instead. Local places often even deliver themselves so you don’t have to wait for the mail for ages. Of course, I’m not recommending that people shop unnecessarily, just that when we need something, we can look for a local option. Here are some ideas:

» If you have a refill store you ordinarily love, see if they currently offer delivery. This photo was taken by Jessica of The Refill Stop.

» Looking for a gift? Look up what local artisans, craftspeople, or shopkeepers are offering near you.

» Tired of cooking? Consider supporting a local restaurant offering takeout or delivery.

» Just want to spread the love? Recommend your fave small local businesses to others, engage with their content on social media, leave a positive review online, or buy a gift card for the future.

Photo courtesy of Jessica of The Refill Stop.


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