Coronavirus, the environment, & disaster capitalism

Coronavirus, the environment, disaster capitalism

Keep paying attention! Now is more important than ever to keep tabs on politicians and corporations. Why? Because now is the time when environmentalism and human rights issues (inherently linked) can be overlooked, and even pushed aside, by politicians in favour of corporate interests when we’re not looking.

It’s called “disaster capitalism”, and it’s an idea put forward with the brilliant Naomi Klein. When we’re struggling with a crisis, we’re less likely to fight against policies that would otherwise be met with huge opposition. This can include bailouts for huge polluters, easing environmental regulations, and more.

So what do we do? Keep paying attention! Follow politics (local, provincial, and federal). Tell your politicians what you want. And of course, vote accordingly, every chance you get!

I get it—following along with politics can be daunting in a crisis (that’s how these policies are pushed through!). Consider subscribing to environmental/human rights organizations’ mailing lists and newsletters. They stay up-to-date if you can’t, and they’ll let you know of action items and petitions.

But don’t take my word for it! Read more about disaster capitalism from the experts:


One response to “Coronavirus, the environment, & disaster capitalism”

  1. Wow, didn’t know there was a term for this.
    But disaster capitalism is happening everywhere! India just weakened it’s EIA regulations. It’s now auctioning parts of central Indian forests for mining projects, all in the name of “development” :/

    On a more positive note, you’ve got a superb blog, Leah.

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