45 at-home eco actions

Zero Waste at-home sustainability tips

Massive disclaimer on this post: It’s OKAY to not use this time to “be productive” or “make the most of it.” These are challenging times. You’re allowed to be upset. (I certainly am.) It’s okay if all you manage is to get through the day.

That being said, I’ve received a lot of questions recently about how we can continue (or start!) our eco-friendly lifestyles during COVID-19. Of course, we can’t go out with our Zero Waste kits or refuse as much single-use plastic. It’s disheartening for sure; however, think of what else you’re doing anyway! You’re probably already driving less, making your tea/coffee at home, and so on. So if you are wondering what else you can do during this time, this list is for you.

  1. Do a waste audit
  2. Donate to a nonprofit organization
  3. Mend your clothes
  4. Learn how to knit, crochet, or sew
  5. Write a letter to your local newspaper
  6. Write an email to your politicians
  7. Sign online petitions
  8. Buy from a local small business
  9. Buy a gift card for later from a local small business
  10. Cook from scratch
  11. Bake bread
  12. Compost at home
  13. Eat plant-based more often
  14. Use wax wraps to keep food fresh
  15. When food shopping, try to choose recyclable packaging
  16. Reduce food waste
  17. Learn how to cook with food scraps (such as veggie broth)
  18. Learn at-home fermentation
  19. Read up on your local recycling rules
  20. Cancel unnecessary mail
  21. Opt out of unwanted promotional emails
  22. Regrow your veggies (like green onions and celery)
  23. Grow sprouts or microgreens
  24. Grow a garden
  25. Spend time in nature whenever possible
  26. Capture rainwater to water your plants or garden
  27. Wash your clothes in cold water
  28. Air-dry your laundry when possible
  29. Make some DIY cleaning products
  30. Make some DIY skincare products
  31. Use handkerchiefs instead of tissues
  32. Use rags instead of paper towels
  33. Use reusable cloth rounds instead of cotton balls
  34. Use cloth napkins instead of paper
  35. Read environmental books
  36. Diversify your Instagram feed
  37. Join a digital climate strike
  38. Join an online environmental group
  39. Keep up-to-date with local politics
  40. Borrow e-books/audiobooks from your local library
  41. Have a Zero Waste period
  42. Try out a safety razor
  43. Use shampoo and conditioner bars
  44. Order TP online that does’t come in plastic packaging
  45. Help spread the word!

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