Repair, don’t replace

Repair, don't replace

This is my husband’s work bag. It was purchased several years ago as a graduation present, and a few months back it started to show some wear. (My husband is pretty rough on his clothes and things, which means we do a lot of repairing, unfortunately.) So I took it to a specialty shop and had the corners fixed and the zipper redone. Compared to rebuying, it’s extremely cost effective, and it’s a good investment if you want a piece to last.

Other things we’ve had repaired: the zipper on my favourite hoodie, the buckles and heels on my rain boots, the heels on my mom’s shoes from the 80’s (which I wore to my high school prom, and on my wedding day!), and my husband’s work pants.

Here are my top tips for repairing:

  1. Befriend your local professionals: research tailors, shoe/bag repair places, and even small appliance repair places near you. Not only can they repair things when broken, but they can even advise which brands are the best quality to invest in if you have a purchasing decision to make in the future.
  2. Research repair policies and warranties on the items you buy (some places are great and will repair it.)
  3. Learn some basic mending skills. I am not great at this but am learning!
  4. For small appliances and electronics, it’s tough because of planned obsolescence. Still, there are very cool people doing very cool things! Look up repair cafes near you. Some libraries host repair sessions too!

What about you? Do you try to repair your things? What have you repaired lately?


2 responses to “Repair, don’t replace”

  1. I am actually feeling pretty proud of myself. I just repaired the inside lining of a favourite jacket, and I am about to embark on repairing a blazer that I was about to donate. I had such success with the repair of the jacket I am feeling pretty confident that the blazer will be brought back from the brink as well. Thanks for the timely pat on the back.

    1. Woohoo–that’s wonderful! I bet they’re both very stylish. 😉

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