20 money-saving zero waste tips

Can you save money going low-waste? Yes! Please don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to buy a lot of fancy new products to live in a low-waste way. That’s pure greenwashing. No thanks!

For me, one huge area of savings was reusables. Every time I get my period, I feel giddy knowing that I don’t have to buy any new products. Hooray! Another indulgence used to be fancy skincare and cosmetics. I was always on the hunt for the perfect product. Guess what? Since switching to simple products and DIYs, my skin looks (wait for it) identical.

A few caveats here, as always: not all of these tips will work for every person, and some of these tips require extra time. Some of these also require a bit of an upfront investment (I’m looking at you, Zero Waste period products). And of course, drinking tap water means having access to clean drinking water, which not everyone has (speaking of which, please contact your local politicians to tell them the importance of clean drinking water for everyone, if you haven’t already). Nevertheless, I’m hoping that in general, these are helpful.

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What are your favourite eco-friendly money-saving tips? Have I forgotten anything? Let me know!


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