Donate your used mascara wands

Did you know that you can donate used mascara wands to wildlife rescue centres? Before tossing yours, look up groups near you. Many rescue organization use them to clean small animals.

Some examples include:

  • Project Wild Wands Canada (CAN)
  • Appalachian Wildlife Refuge Wands for Wildlife (US)
  • Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (CAN)

(Please always double check with these organizations first to ensure they’re currently accepting wands, and clean the wands first!)

I recently put a call out to my friends and family, and also in my local neighbourhood. I’ll collect them and send them off.

Mascara is a tricky one when it comes to waste. To the best of my knowledge, no true zero waste mascara wand exists. (I know some people DIY but I haven’t tried that.) I did recently switch to @elatecosmetics, which is a wonderful local company that does makeup in low-waste, refillable packaging. (Not sponsored!)


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