60 Zero Waste Resolutions for 2020

Introducing: 60 simple ways to go Zero Waste in 2020! Huge disclaimer: I’m very, very far from perfect. Some of these resolutions I have yet to figure out. And of course the huge elephant in the (plastic-free) room is that we need a heck of a lot more than individual swaps to get ourselves out of this environmental mess we’re in. 

However, this is where I started last year. Going “Zero Waste” was my 2019 resolution, so that’s what I’m sharing with you now, in hopes of inspiring others to follow their own journeys. If you want to be “more eco-friendly” in the New Year but don’t know how to start, this list is for you. And if you already do these things but want to help inspire others, please feel free to share with your friends.



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