How to wrap experience gifts: Keep the magic of unwrapping presents!


Let’s be honest: as amazing as experience gifts are, they’re not always the most fun to unwrap. There’s something so special about the unwrapping experience that’s sad to lose. When it comes to kids especially, they want something tangible! But experience gifts don’t have to mean that there’s nothing to unveil. Experiences can be “wrapped” to make them even more fun. Here’s how to do it.

Option 1: create a theme and bundle it

Do it up right! One way to wrap an experience gift is to make a theme with tangible items to wrap. This can also turn a single experience into a whole-day event.

Here are a few examples. Feel free to change them to make them your own!

  • Ocean theme: aquarium passes, a book about oceans, and an ocean-themed movie (or movie title if the movie is online)
  • Spy/detective theme: escape room passes, a mystery book, and a magnifying glass or binoculars
  • Ballet theme: ballet tickets or lessons, a biography of a ballerina (or another age-appropriate option), and a dance outfit/shoes
  • Rock star theme: music lessons or concert tickets, a CD or music subscription, and a music-themed book, poster, or even an instrument
  • Adventure theme: rock climbing lessons or passes, an adventure-related book or movie, a compass, and a map or globe
  • Scientist theme: science centre or museum passes, science-related book, and a chemistry set
  • Game night theme: board games, puzzles, and snacks

Option 2: Make a treasure hunt

Consider “unwrapping” by creating a treasure hunt where the kids work their way through clues, making the process longer and more fun. This isn’t only fun with kids—it’s hilarious with adults as well!

Looking for more inspiration?

Some other experiences that kids are sure to love include:

  • Trail rides or pony rides
  • Circus classes
  • Pottery classes
  • Kids’ yoga classes
  • Novelty train rides
  • Kids’ cooking classes
  • Kids’ subscription boxes
  • Tickets to a sporting event
  • Kids’ magazines
  • “Live” shows and performances

Need more ideas? Get inspired by the wonderful “Merry Memory Maker” tool in Metro Vancouver’s “Create memories, not garbage” website for experience gift ideas at any budget.

You can also check out my blog post “My ultimate list of experience and low-waste gifts ideas.”

Remember …

The wrapping you use should be eco-friendly! Check out the Create memories, not garbage website for great eco-friendly wrapping ideas.

What about you? Do you give experience gifts? How do you “wrap” or “unveil” them?

This post was sponsored by Metro Vancouver’s Create Memories, not Garbage campaign.


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