Zero Waste travel tips

zero waste travel tips

Are you travelling over the holidays? I’ve only been on one “trip” since my low-waste journey began, and since it was right at the beginning of my journey, I found it challenging. However, since that time I’ve learned way more and thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can reduce your waste even when you’re far from home and away from your regular routine. 

[Pictured: some of my go-to everyday cosmetics and toiletries, packed in some #gifted pouches from @thesleepshirt‘s new Upcycle collection. The entire collection is made from their surplus cotton and linen, helping to close the loop and reduce waste. Woohoo!]


  1. Bring your reusables with you! This includes a set of cutlery, travel mug, napkin/cloth, water bottle, straw, handkerchief, and whatever else you typically use at home.
  2. When packing, use some reusable bags to help sort your things in your suitcase, and then you can use them for shopping on your trip.
  3. When packing toiletries, solid products are your best friend! Look for toothpaste tabs, shampoo/conditioner bars, lotion bars, and bar soap.
  4. Research where you’re going. @zerowastehome has a great bulk finder app on her website, and it’s also fun to look up plant-based/seasonal/farm-to-table restaurants and farmers markets where you’re going.
  5. Pack as lightly and efficiently as possible, and use multipurpose nothing items when possible. 
  6. Do your best to avoid air travel when possible. I know, it’s really tricky when you want to see loved ones. If a flight-free option is available to you, consider it instead. If you’re flying, you may want to offset your carbon emissions (an imperfect solution, yes) or donate to an environmental cause/organization.
  7. Look up the recycling and green waste rules for where you’ll be going, so you can choose the best packaging options and know how to responsibly dispose of your waste.
  8. Respect all the rules of local environments, beaches, parks, etc. Never litter, and you can even help pick up litter when you’re on your trip.

What are your top tips for travelling in a low-waste way that’s easier on the planet?


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