Breaking news: climate change and children’s health

Climate change and children's health

Breaking news from the medical journal The Lancet warned of the dangers to children’s health in a warming world. What does this mean? Let’s dig a little deeper…

  1. Basically, the next generations will face increased health concerns. Our warming world poses increased health dangers to children. These include heat waves, mosquito-borne disease, air pollution, water-borne diseases, food scarcity, and more.
  2. Children are more vulnerable to health concerns because their bodies are still developing.
  3. The scientists are warning that climate change can undermine “all of the gains we’ve had” when it comes to improved public health and longer lifespans.
  4. Unsurprisingly, those in poor countries face worse dangers. It’s another example of why climate change is inherently linked to poverty, class, race, and colonialism.

I’m always acutely aware that sharing sad news such as this report may bring about discouragement, anxiety, and grief. That’s not why I share these news stories. I share them because I believe that we need to educate ourselves and arm ourselves with knowledge so we can properly speak to the powers that be and demand change. We also need to understand how to prepare for the future.

So what can we do? Keep going!

  1. Vote for politicians that support climate action.
  2. Educate yourself on the issues and spread the word.
  3. Participate in marches, strikes, and rallies. 
  4. Write to your politicians and companies.
  5. Get involved in local politics, organizations
  6. Connect with likeminded parents or climate activists.
  7. Nurture your own mental and emotional health, and engage in self-care.

What are your thoughts on the report? I’d also love to know how you feel about hearing news reports such as these. How can we frame these conversations so we feel empowered to make a difference?






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