Low-waste alternatives to medications? NO!

Low-waste medications?

Low-waste alternatives to medications? NO! Every so often in the low-waste corners of the internet, I see people looking for Zero Waste medicine or supplement options, or shaming people for taking medicine/supplements. That’s horrible, and potentially very harmful.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that a lot of medications/supplements come in plastic. Trust me, I get that! But these aren’t things that we want to play around with. It’s so important that our health (including mental health) comes first. We can’t be our best versions of our selves without prioritizing our health.

While we’re on the topic: make that appointment! Schedule that screening test! Get that referral! Make time in your busy day. Do you feel like something is off? Get it checked!

(I recognize the enormous privilege I have in saying this. I live in a country with public health care, and although it’s far from perfect, there are many people in other places struggling without access to the health services I take for granted.)

When my son was 18 months old, I finally got my iron levels checked and found out I was super deficient. Oops. I honestly thought that moms were supposed to be that tired. After trying multiple supplements and dietary changes, I’ve finally found a supplement that works for me. And guess what? It comes in plastic.

Just in case anyone needed to hear it today: your health matters. You matter. Please take care of yourself.


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