DIY makeup brush cleaner

DIY low-waste makeup brush cleaner!  When’s the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Be honest! Most of us don’t do it often enough, and brushes can get pretty gross. Dirty brushes can even cause breakouts. (If you’re getting unexplained blemishes, it doesn’t hurt to wash those brushes!) The good news is that it’s SO easy to do it in a low-waste way.

Here’s a secret: All you need is a little bit of unscented soap (I used Castile soap but you can use any kind—and unscented natural shampoo works too), a bowl, water, and a cloth.

1️⃣ Gather all your brushes. (Please know that these aren’t exactly sustainable brands. I bought them long ago and I’ll keep using them.)
2️⃣ Add a bit of soap and some warm water in a small bowl.
3️⃣ One by one, swirl your brush in the bowl.
4️⃣ Rinse under cool water. You can work through particularly dirty brushes with your (clean) fingers.
5️⃣ Pat the brush and lie flat to dry.
6️⃣ Change your soap and water often.
8️⃣ Voila! Beautiful, clean brushes and no fancy equipment required.

How do you clean your makeup brushes?


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