Time for some nature homework

How much do you notice about the outdoor world? A little while back, my friend Lindsay Coulter suggested some “nature homework” for us: getting to know nature better by recognizing what happens locally in nature around the time of your birthday. You can keep track year after year too. How lovely is that?


Being a mom, I feel like I’m getting better at noticing nature, because it’s something that kids just happen to do! When I’m with my son, we slow down and notice the details. At the bus stop we talk about bushes and flowers I never noticed before. When he gets up in the morning, we look outside and talk about the weather.

Recently we did a little activity in which my son collected leaves, and then we chatted about them—the sizes, shapes, and colours. It dawned on me that I don’t know many of the names of these plants, but I should!

So I’m passing on this “nature homework”. I’m curious to know: what’s going on locally in nature where you are right now?

(PS: This photo is inspired by one of my favourite nature-loving Canadian moms, @kristalii, but I know her photos are much more beautiful than mine! I tried, Krista!)


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