DIY Glass Cleaner

Okay everyone, I made my first DIY cleaning product and now I’m the queen of all things DIY. Well, even though it was the easiest thing ever and only contained two ingredients.

I believe that I first saw this recipe in a DIY by @queenofgreends / @davidsuzukifdn but I’ve seen it all over (such as from @naturallycadie) because it’s such a great one. Well, I’ve joined finally the club!

All you do is mix equal parts regular white vinegar and water. Ta-dah!

I have some old brown paper towel that I use to clean windows with, but once I run out I’m going to use newspaper, because I’ve heard it’s fantastic for this.

This cleaner works really nicely, and it gets a lot of use because my son is constantly making our windows a mess.

(A little note: I always label everything fully, because I do a lot of refills. Heaven forbid something would happen, but just in case, I want anyone to easily know the contents of my containers.)

Have you tried this DIY?


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