Take the next step: why + how to take action

At a certain point in many of our eco-friendly journeys, we start to wonder what else we can do. How can we do more? What would that look like? How do we get started?

If you’re feeling apprehensive about it, rest assured that you’re not alone, but also take comfort in the fact that you really can make a difference beyond your own personal lifestyle habits.

Environmentalism is for everyone. I say that all the time, and I firmly believe it. It’s not just for those of us who have eco-focused Instagram accounts, or who have adopted a so-called “Zero Waste” lifestyle. It’s for everyone who lives on this planet, because the environment matters to all of us.

Whether you’re a teacher, a nurse, a social worker, a student, a lawyer, a stay-at-home parent, or anyone else, you CAN play a very important role in shaping the future.

Here are a few different ideas to inspire you:

  • Contribute to an organization
  • Make changes where you are
  • Develop and share your skills
  • Help build your community

Scroll through the following photos for more info on each point.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think of these suggestions? What have I forgotten? Have you become involved in a cause? I’d love to hear about it!



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