Low-waste toilet paper

Zero waste toilet paper

Low waste toilet paper! It’s a tricky subject but an important one. The plush, thick bathroom tissue is typically virgin paper from old growth forests. Deforestation just to wipe our butts is not cool.

So here are some better options.

  • Family cloth. I haven’t done this and don’t really want to, TBH. But if you do it, that’s great!
  • Bidet (usually in conjunction with a small amount of TP). I’d love to get one someday!
  • Bamboo TP. (Bamboo is very quick-growing crop.)
  • Recycled paper TP. (A high percentage of post-consumer recycled paper is even better.)

You’ll also want to make sure that the TP comes in a box without plastic overwrap (which often isn’t curbside recyclable). Usually, this means ordering online.

As always, not everything will work for everyone. Factors that will influence your personal brand choice:

  • Shipping costs and availability: us Canadians don’t have the same options as US folks.
  • Locality: I choose a Canadian company that uses recycled paper rather than shipping bamboo overseas, but it’s a personal choice.
  • Health: Yes it’s true, recycled paper can be contaminated by BPA. Personally I think we’re exposed in many ways more significant than TP, and it’s important to help reduce those sources in our environment before taking aim at companies using recycled fibres, but everyone needs to make a personal decision.
  • Storage: Some of these boxes are big. I order for my parents and split it with them because I don’t have lots of space. (It helps to get others on board too!)

What do you use?

PS. Sarah from Sustainable in the Suburbs has a great blog post all about Staples TP!


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