Pass it on: let others reuse what you can’t

I promise I’m not taking photos of random crap around my house! These are a couple things that I always pass along to other people: typically, berry baskets can be given to farmer’s market vendors, and wire clothes hangers can be returned to tailors/seamstresses/drycleaners.

Some other things on this list:

  • rubber bands can sometimes be given to businesses, stores, or schools
  • empty containers and jars can be given to some refill/bulk stores, where they’ll be sterilized and given to customers for free if they need a container
  • egg cartons can often be given to local farmers who raise free-range chickens

It’s important to remember the Waste Hierarchy— even for items that can be recycled, it’s better to save the energy that it takes to recycle, and reuse first. ♻️  As the old cliche goes: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

What do you pass on to others? What can you add to this list?


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