Why libraries are cooler than you might think

What do libraries have to do with environmentalism? A ton! If you haven’t been to your local library since story time as a kid, it’s time to pay it another visit. Keep reading to learn why you should definitely fall back in love with your local public library.

Free content

We all know that you can borrow books for free, but did you know that you can also get DVDs, magazines, audiobooks, and e-books? (Please note: keep in mind that when I say free, I mean that it’s typically taxpayer money. So it just makes sense to take advantage of what we’re already supporting!)

Sharing content through libraries means fewer resources used, and the authors/illustrators/creators still get paid for their work through something called the “Public Lending Right” model.

Many libraries offer accessible services, so if you can’t get to your library, it can come to you!

Free stuff

Have you heard of libraries of things? Your library may have one or more of these special collections:

  • tools
  • kitchen appliances
  • gardening supplies
  • toys
  • electronic
  • musical instruments
  • and more!

Why buy something to use it just a couple of times? Borrowing saves money and helps the environment.

Free programs

Parents and caregivers adore storytime and book clubs for their kids, but it’s much more than this. Other programming includes:

  • computer coding
  • English language conversation
  • help with taxes
  • holiday programming and events
  • author readings
  • film screenings
  • other special programming, such as DIY workshops, media literacy, genealogy help, local history, hiring fairs, and much more

Free services


  • Printing, scanning, copying
  • Internet access
  • Room bookings and meeting places for clubs
  • Study and reading spaces

Free information

Librarians don’t just sort books! They are trained to help the public access quality information (among other things). That means that if you have a research question, they are a free tool to help you. Libraries also typically offer free access to databases, journal articles, language software, and even educational courses. It’s wealth of information just begging to be used!

Visit your local public library (even online!) and find something that you want to take advantage of.


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