The joy of a simple skincare routine

The joy of a simple skincare routine

I have a secret to tell you… All of my teenage years and twenties when I was looking for the holy grail of skincare I had no idea that simply doing LESS would be the best for my skin. I’d buy elaborate skincare routines, listening to the sales pitches about what would be the best for drying out my skin where I needed it dried out and moisturizing it where it needed moisture. I’ve probably spent thousands over the years. And guess what? It made no difference!

Granted, if you had bad acne or serious skin conditions you’ll likely need a specialized routine and the help of a professional, but for my regular old sorta-dry-sorta-oily skin, simple is best.

And when I say simple I mean SIMPLE.

Don’t get me wrong, my skin’s not perfect. I get the occasional hormonal breakout when I’m PMSing and my skin still does weird things every so often, but my complexion looks no different than when I was using the fanciest products I could afford.

My top skincare tips

  1. Hands off! Don’t pick at your skin. Seriously.
  2. Use gentle ingredients. I avoid fragrance (I even use essential oils sparingly) and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), which I personally find too harsh on my sensitive skin.
  3. Change your pillowcase often and wash your makeup brushes regularly.
  4. Try to avoid hot water on your skin (my skin and gets red and angry with me).
  5. Use a good quality, broad-spectrum, mineral-based sunscreen when you’re spending time outside uncovered.

My simple skincare routine

  1. I splash cool water on my face and blot dry.
  2. I apply a couple drops of facial oil and massage it in. Some of my favourites are jojoba oil, argan oil, or plant-based squalane oil. Whatever you choose, try to find one that’s sustainably sourced and Fair Trade if possible. And refills are better than rebuying glass dropper bottles each time!
  1. I wash my face in the shower with an unscented bar soap. (Yes, I shower at night, not in the morning.)
  2. After my shower, I remove leftover eye makeup with oil or soap and water on a cloth or bamboo facial round.
  3. Sometimes, but not always, I apply a spritz of rosewater.
  4. Same as morning–I apply a couple drops of facial oil and massage it in.

The end!


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