Simple swap: Travel mugs

Travel mugs

Do you bring your own mug to get your coffee? If everyone did, we’d save 500 billion cups from landfills every year. These seemingly paper cups aren’t 100% paper—if they were, they’d leak. They’re lined with plastic. And because of this, they’re recyclable in only a few cities, leaving 99.75% to end up in landfills.

I didn’t always bring my own mug, and I’d feel a twinge of guilt every time I took a single-use cup. So I get it: the convenience factor is huge. And sometimes it is just one more thing to lug around—especially when I’m on the bus with my son, the diaper bag, and groceries.

That’s why I’ve shifted my mindset. I’ll only get coffee to go if I have my own mug. Otherwise, I’ll sit in the coffee shop and ask for a mug “for here” or skip the coffee altogether. .

As a society, we didn’t always run around carrying coffee cups, and many other countries think we’re crazy for doing it! Coffee or tea is meant to be savoured and enjoyed. I love taking my son to a coffee shop, sipping a decaf americano while he munches on a croissant. It’s so much more pleasurable!

Do you have a favourite travel mug? Do you ever ask for a “for here” mug? Or: what challenges do you face in avoiding single-use cups?


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