Why (and how) to support small businesses

There are so many reasons to love the people doing great work in your community, and so many ways to help support them. I have the pleasure of knowing several small business owners personally, and I can’t even tell you the amount of love and care that goes into every aspect of their business. 

One tricky thing that I sometimes find is that since we can reach diverse audiences in social media, I receive requests for product/company recommendations. I love recommending local places! But I also know that there are millions of tiny businesses I don’t know about, all around! I’d encourage everyone to research small companies with low-waste/eco-friendly practices that are close to them, and support those.

Why support small businesses?

By supporting a local small business, you’re:

  1. supporting the local economy and your community
  2. bringing someone’s dream to life
  3. encouraging innovation and creativity 
  4. able to chat with the owner and learn nearly every aspect of the production
  5. receiving excellent, personalized, customer service
  6. indirectly supporting other small businesses that work with, or supply to, the owner (such as farmers)

How to support small businesses

  1. Buy products from them
  2. Put their products on your own wish lists (if people ask you what you’d like for holidays/special occasions)
  3. Recommend them to family or friends
  4. Follow, like, and comment on their social media content
  5. Write a positive review online
  6. Participate in community events


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