What if you don’t have a bulk/refill store near you?

What if you don’t have a bulk or refill store near you? It’s a common question when trying to go Zero Waste and such an important topic to explore. For those in certain areas, refill stores are nowhere to be found. I get it! I never had access to them until recently.

What’s more is that I have limited access to them now. We’re a one-car family, and it can be extremely challenging to take transit, toddler in tow, to stock up on heavy groceries. Many people might theoretically have these types of stores nearby, but have limited access to them for various reasons. .

So, for various reasons, we need to provide solutions. I’ve attempted to give a variety of suggestions, but please don’t feel overwhelmed by them. Not everything is possible for every person—that’s okay. Consider this a “tasting menu” if you will: choose one or two things to try, and then possibly move on to more. .

I know there are lots of other suggestions I haven’t included and I’d love to hear from you! What have I forgotten?

PS: This photo is from my recent trip to one of my favourite nearby refill stores, @portmoodyrefillery. These are all old containers with new refills inside! I try to get there as often as possible but I don’t beat myself up when I can’t.

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