What’s the hardest Zero Waste swap?

What’s the hardest Zero Waste swap for you? Yesterday I wrote about the easiest swap I’ve made: basically everything that falls into the “replace once and never again” category, because those things don’t need constant replenishing. Food is the complete opposite—since we need to eat every day! I personally find food the hardest Zero Waste swap.

I don’t have access to a car during the day and with a toddler in tow, trekking to a specialty Zero Waste store isn’t always possible. (Although I do love stocking up when I can!) Consequently, I do most of my grocery shopping at regular grocery stores—and I don’t make every single item myself. Yes, I buy some packaged foods. Most of us do! Of course, I choose bulk and unpackaged whenever I can, and there’s a lot of food I never buy anymore.

When I first started this journey, I wanted Zero Waste alternatives to everything. ♻️ These days I cut myself some slack. My homemade crackers were pretty good but not quite toddler-friendly, and I’m not interested in making my own tofu at this point in time. And yes, my husband and I will even share a bag of chips sometimes! I remind myself that this sort of food packaging is not the be-all-and-end-all of being an environmentalist. I also need to make time and energy for my writing, continuing to educate myself on intersectional issues, and practise some self-care.

And honestly, I think being a one-car family is a better choice for the environment, even if it means I buy some packaged organic breakfast cereal for my son! Driving farther to get to a bulk store seems somehow counterproductive.

I realize that I may get chewed up for this admission, but I also want to encourage everyone reading that they don’t have to be 100% perfect in every area to be a good environmentalist.

What about you? What do you find challenging?


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