A tip for cleaning jars

A trick for cleaning glass jars

Here’s a Zero Waste hack that I’ve learned from my wonderful #zerowaste community.

Reusing jars is fantastic (jars are my favourite storage for bulk pantry staples) but it can be super annoying to try to get rid of the glue residue on the glass. Here’s what you do:

  1. Remove the label as best you can.
  2. Give it a quick hand wash to get rid of the stuck-on paper.
  3. Fill the jar with warm water and let it soak for a few minutes.
  4. Mix together some baking soda and vegetable oil (whatever type you have on hand!) and scrub it on the sticky residue. It takes a wee bit of elbow grease but should come off pretty easily.
  5. Give it a little hand wash again to remove the oil and baking soda. Now your jar is ready to use!

How do you remove glue from glass jars? What do you use glass jars for?


2 responses to “A tip for cleaning jars”

  1. I’ve done the same! But I found the glue residue comes off more easily if you let it soak a bit. Some glues won’t even need scrubbing after that.

    1. That’s an excellent tip! Thanks for sharing.

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