Does going Zero Waste cost money or save money?

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Let’s talk money! Does going Zero Waste save money, or cost more money? Some people swear it saves money, while others find it expensive. So what’s the truth? In my experience, it depends on a lot of factors.

One of the biggest questions to ask is: what’s the lifestyle that you’re replacing? If you used to spend lots on fast fashion every season, bought bottled water, went to drive-throughs frequently, or considered yourself a “shopper,” you’ll likely save a TON of money by switching to a low-waste lifestyle. However, if you used to choose products purely based on cost, and didn’t consume much beforehand, you might find that certain Zero Waste products are more expensive.

For example: is a shampoo bar more or less expensive than a bottle of shampoo? It depends hugely on the shampoo in question! You can buy a bottle of shampoo at a dollar store or a high-end salon, and everywhere in between. Plus, of course, affordability is dependent on so many factors, such as income and cost of living. It’s not a simple question to answer.

Another factor to consider is time. You could save lots of money by buying only ingredients and making everything from scratch. That’s a fantastic option if you’re passionate about cooking and baking. But as we all know, time = money, and it may not be worth your time or energy to make, for example, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Can a low-waste lifestyle save money? Absolutely! I think it’s all about making smart choices that work for YOU. Here are few of my favourite money-saving, Zero Waste tips.

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For me, I’ve found that overall, we’re saving lots by eliminating the need for so many disposable products, and by buying more whole foods. Yes, I spend more on things like condiments in glass jars (my dad says my organic ketchup is too fancy, haha) but I still spend less at the end of the day.

Have you saved money living Zero Waste? Or do you find that it costs more? What do you think of the tips I’ve shared?


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