We’re moving!


Exciting news–we’re moving! If you’ve read my recent post about the chaos in our lives, you’ll know how relieving and happy this is for us.

I actually published the previous post quite late, as I was sitting on it nervously for some time before deciding to share my story. (I’m not typically that personal!) That means it’s been nearly four months since we’ve been out of our old place, even though the two posts follow each other closely. It’s been wonderful to stay with family, but such a pleasure to have our own space again.

The strange thing is that those crazy (almost) four months actually hold a lot of positive memories, even though they were so stressful and difficult. I met friends, I got to know a new area, and my son grew and learned so much. Isn’t hindsight a funny thing?

Our new place isn’t our dream home (still a condo, but the Vancouver market is insane!), but it’s bright, beautiful and in a lovely family-friendly area close to everything. Oh, and it’s just steps away from family! I’m feeling incredibly grateful that things turned out so well, and I can’t wait to get settled and sorted in our new home.


Now we’re in the process of hanging art, doing a few little projects, and getting everything into place. As you can see above, someone’s already loving his new playroom! Unlike last time we moved, I’m not pregnant, so I’m less of a rush to make everything perfect right away.

Little bit by little bit, things are coming together.


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