CertClean 2018: All the products I’m loving so far

Testing CertClean

I’ve had such fun testing out the Face Care products in my “goodie bag” (officially called a Jury Box) for this year’s CertClean Clean Beauty Awards. (See this post for all the details on the Awards).

While I won’t give away my scores for each product, I thought it would be fun to give a few comments on each of the products below.

Isoi Acni Dr. 1st Control Tonic

I haven’t had oily, blemish-prone skin since my teenage years (thank goodness!) so this product probably wasn’t best suited for me. However, I certainly have the occasional hormone-related breakout, and I think this would be a great spot treatment for those times/places. I’m also a fan of the hydrating ingredients in there, including sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid).

AveSeena Ageless Perfection Cream

Am I behind the times? This is the coolest bottle. It looks like a jar but has a pump on top to press and release the product. Good option for rich night creams that you don’t want to stick your fingers in (I’m such a germaphobe). About the product itself, the user experience is everything I want in a moisturizer: rich, luxurious texture and a very light scent, and it absorbs nicely. I love that it contains niacinamide, coconut oil, and squalane. Lots of great stuff in here!

Olivarrier Dual moist Hyaluron essence

How did I ever live without an essence/serum in my skincare routine? And this one’s a lovely one, without a doubt. Scent-free, light texture that absorbs nicely, and good-for-your skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid and olive-derived squalane. Simply beautiful.

From Molly With Love Sea Kelp Bioferment Essence

Very creative product! I’m all for sea kelp in skin care, even if the scent was a bit overpowering for little old sensitive me. There are so many wonderful ingredients in here, from the niacinamide to the green tea extract.

By Valenti Organics Liquid Rose Gold Night Serum

Rose lovers will adore this product! I don’t personally choose to use products that contain vitamin A, but I do like that this also contains vitamin E, vitamin C, and CoQ10. Strangely, I also love the instructions on this product. They’re detailed, which reminded me to slow down and enjoy the process–including “warming” the oil between my fingers and using my ring finger.

Greenvines Living Essences Face Oil

This facial oil has a beautifully luxurious scent and texture, and it comes wrapped in the cutest cardboard box. However, I can’t help but wondering if it should be in a dark glass bottle rather than the clear bottle, as it’s full of delicate oils that can oxidize.

Edible Beauty Australia No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum

What beautiful packaging! I also appreciate the dark glass bottle to protect those precious ingredients inside. This serum contains hyaluronic acid (I should probably do a blog post all about the wonders of HA) and glycerin, as well as plant extracts. I really enjoyed using it, including its light scent and texture.

Moor Spa Platinum Growth Factor Cream

There’s that bottle/jar again! Love it. I can also see there’s definitely a trend toward marine ingredients in skin care products, from the kelp in a previous product, to the plankton extract in this one. Overall, this cream is a lovely, rich night cream that goes on beautifully and without an overpowering scent.

Plantioxidants Power Seed Menagerie Oil

What a beautiful and unique product! I love the base of jojoba oil and all of the antioxidants added to it. Lovely light scent, lovely user experience. And because I’m such a skincare nerd, I have to comment on the nice dark bottle to preserve the goodness inside.

Sohma Naturals RENEW Micellar Water

How wonderful is it to see a clean alternative to a micellar water! It’s a tricky thing to do, because of the very nature of micellar waters. I admit that I would prefer something with no scent at all, but I love that it contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and it removed my makeup very nicely.

We’ll have to stay posted to find out which product was the winner (I don’t know either!). In the meantime, feel free to explore the CertClean Clean Beauty Awards website.


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