Hello, there

Baby and flowers

Hi friends,

Welcome to my newly renovated site!

I’m way overdue for posting anything, for several reasons. 

Since having my son, J, last summer, my priorities and interests have shifted. For the first few months, motherhood was all I could focus on. Those of you who have children can understand how all-consuming the newborn period is! After that, I managed to make time for my pressing deadlines, housework, and family—but still not for hobbies like blogging!

Only now, over a year later, do I feel that I can dedicate a significant chunk of time to blogging. I’m beyond grateful to have help and childcare from (very enthusiastic) family members to make this happen. Having close family is one of those things that you sometimes take for granted until having kids of your own! 

When I finally stepped back to the computer to take a proper look at my blog, I realized that it no longer reflected the things I cared about most or wanted to discuss. I’ve seen several of my favourite bloggers shift their focus after they had become mothers, and now that it’s happened to me, I understand why. 

Skincare and clean cosmetics are still very important to me, but I’ll also be discussing topics related to being a mom: being a new mom, being a mom in (the beautiful but crazy expensive!) city of Vancouver, being a minimalist mom living in a small space (and trying to live a life of more joy with less stuff), and being a work-at-home mom always striving for that elusive balance!


I’m so excited to be on this journey, and I’m grateful for everyone reading along and joining me. 

As always, leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.



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