Siglarr Viking Naturals: An Exciting Local Find


Recently I was contacted by Signi Caine of Siglarr Viking Naturals–a family-owned Canadian natural skincare company. They were pretty pumped about their new line of pomace products, and after hearing their story, I was too!

Siglarr creates all-natural body moisturizers, perfumes, and deodorants with super clean ingredient lists. They’ve also partnered with a BC winery, Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Wine, the owners of which are vegan and very environmentally conscious. Siglarr decided to use the wine pomace (grape seeds stems and skins from the discarded grapes) in their products. Talk about upcycling!


I received this lovely little package in the mail from Signi with three of their favourite products inside: a perfume, the pomace scrub, and the pomace body butter.


Siglarr currently has seven perfume options, all formulated with natural essential oils. Signi sent me #2, which is described as a spicy, sassy orange. I’m always a fan of citrus scents! This scent is also warm, woodsy, and definitely spicy.


Signi describes wine pomace as the solution to those notorious microbeads that are (thankfully!) soon-to-be banned in body scrubs. The pomace also boasts phenolic contents, anthocyanin and polyphenols (antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help to fight free radicals), vitamins C and E, and natural antibacterial properties. Pretty impressive!


Both the pomace scrub and the body butter smell deliciously like grapes and chocolate. (Don’t worry, though, vegans–neither product has any animal ingredients.) And since I’m currently not drinking wine (due to the little bun in my oven), I’m happy to use these products on my skin! The scrub feels amazing on my dry summer skin, and the body butter has a luxurious, silky texture. Absolutely divine!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Siglarr Viking Naturals. It goes to show that there are little hidden gems of natural beauty/skincare close to home. Thanks, Signi, for letting me try these lovely products.


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