Loving Love Your Suds!


It’s a very special feeling when someone you care about is succeeding at something they’re passionate about. I love rooting for people who are following their dreams! In this case, my friend and former coworker Belinda has launched her own all-natural, artisan soap company, Love Your Suds. But I should stop right there: this post isn’t because Belinda is my friend. It’s because her soaps are fantastic!

I was lucky enough to get to sample Love Your Suds’ Limited Edition Spring Collection (pictured above). First off, aren’t these bars gorgeous? Belinda is trained as a graphic designer, so it’s really no surprise that she carries her artistic talents to the soap-making world.

Now I know that some people prefer a liquid wash, but I have to admit that I still love a good bar soap. I grew up with them, and they’re classic. Interestingly, in the world of natural skincare at least, bar soaps are making a fierce comeback (for example and another example). But using a wholly handmade bar adds another level of luxury. Plus, made with nourishing oils and scented with essential oils rather than chemicals, the Love Your Suds ingredients are fabulous. As a bonus, they’re local and therefore sustainable!


Out of all of the Spring Collection bars, the Alpine Poppy (pictured below, top) was probably my favourite, partly because it’s so darn unique! Alpine Poppy is scented with a complex mixture of bergamot, cedarwood, jasmine, and patchouli. To be fair, though, all of the soaps have multiple essential oils, so you don’t get those cloying, overdone, one-note lavender or rose scents that so often pop up in natural products. (It’s sad but true.) A very close second favourite of mine is Scandinave (below, bottom), which smells both earthy and fresh. I tend to veer toward citrus-y scents, so I was surprised to like this so much! I also see this as perfect for guys.

Spring2017_AlpinePoppy02_w Spring2017_Scandinave01_w

A disclaimer: the Spring Collection is nearly sold out already! But don’t fear–Belinda is constantly churning out new and amazing creations. And even when the recipe is the same, her handmade, machine- and press-free method ensures that each batch is slightly different. If that’s not true craftsmanship (craftswomanship?) I don’t know what is.

A quick look at the Love Your Suds website shows many previous creations from Belinda. Everything from bacon- to creamsicle-scented soaps are in her repertoire, and she does custom orders too, such as for wedding favours (how adorable is that?!). Check back on the website or social media pages to see what new creations are in the works! And yes, they offer online shopping options.


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