Summer Lovin’

Summer beauty products: tinted moisturizer, lipstick, and bronzer

I have a love-hate relationship with summer skincare and beauty. On the one hand, I love the low-key, stress-free, easygoing summer vibe. On the other hand, summer skin can be kinda gross, between greasy sunscreen, sweat, and dehydration.

Really, it’s all about choosing the right products, and opting for a less-is-more attitude. These three products have saved me time and time again this summer!

Andalou CC for sensitive skin (in sheer nude): I can’t say enough good things about the skincare line Andalou. Based in the US, they have quite a few product lines for different skin types, and their ingredient lists are super clean. They’re one of those funny exceptions to the seemingly commonsense rule of long ingredient lists being bad. In their case, they just pack a lot of goodness inside their products! When I work at the health food store, I always tell people not to automatically be scared off of long ingredient lists–it’s not the number of ingredients that matters, but the ingredients themselves.

This CC cream (which basically functions as a tinted moisturizer) offers just enough light coverage for the summertime without feeling heavy or cakey. Plus, it’s great for delicate/sensitive skin and it contains SPF 30.

Burt’s Bees lipstick (in blush): Who doesn’t love good ol’ Burt’s Bees? They’ve been around forever, and still manage to stay fresh and trendy by coming out with new products. And their lip products are never drying! This lipstick shade is the perfect pop of understated colour for summertime.

RMS master mixer: I’ve written about RMS before (here, for example). I think they’re such a great example of clean products that are also inventive, fun, and very trendy. Love it!

I have to confess that when I first heard about the Master Mixer, I didn’t really get the point. And now I can’t live without it! It’s the prettiest colour. My favourite use for it is as a sort of a bronzer-highlighter hybrid. It’s the perfect shade to use as a bronzer on my fair skin, and it has such a lovely shimmer to it. I apply a little to my cheekbones. It’s also a great addition to eyeshadow or even lipstick (hence the name “Master Mixer”). It has a base of coconut oil, which is also very moisturizing and great for summertime.

What products do you love for summer?


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