Magic in a bottle


I can’t stop raving about Toronto’s Consonant HydrExtreme! Seriously, people–this product is worth the hype (and the steep $150 price for 30mL).

I’ll be honest–sometimes I don’t even want to try a sample of a super pricey product, in case I fall in love with it. But after hearing about it again and again (hi, Michelle!), I finally caved and tried it. And it. Is. Amazing. It seems to be the only thing that can keep my dry, scaly patches at bay. It has honestly been such a struggle finding something. People keep recommending harsh exfoliating products, which can just make my sensitive skin angrier. Apparently it was originally formulated for those going through chemotherapy, so I’m not sure what that says about my skin, but I’m thrilled it’s around!

I apply a little bit of HydrExtreme as part of my evening skincare routine. Weirdly, it absorbs instantly and gives an almost matte feel, which is completely at odds with the typically greasy feel of other hydrating products and night creams/serums/oils.

Of course, I’m thrilled that it’s made with just two simple ingredients:┬áCassia Angustifolia Seed Extract and Vegetable Glycerine. This mighty oil is supposed to outperform hyaluronic acid.

In short, I will not go back to any other hydrating serum. This stuff is pure magic!



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