On simple products … and a resolution update


As I’ve become more and strict with my list of ingredient no-nos, I’ve developed a love for simplicity. Quite a few of the products I’ve been using and loving these days have one or two ingredients, tops. Like these…

Avene Eau Thermale: Yes, I realize that I’m paying for French imported bottled water here, but it’s really done wonders for my skin. Sometimes even applying water with my hands or a washcloth can be irritating, my skin is so sensitive. Same goes for facial cleansing wipes. And this bottle a really lovely mist that I just can’t seem to replicate with any regular spray bottle. In the morning, this is actually all I will use to “cleanse” my skin. Since I’ve stopped cleansing twice a day, my skin is so much happier!

Leaves of Trees Argan Oil with Lavender: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my skin loves lavender! So much so that I’ve actually started to enjoy the scent of it, when I really wasn’t a big fan before. Anytime a product contains lavender I know it’s going to mean good things for my skin. That’s why I was excited to try this oil from Toronto-based Leaves of Grass (yay, Canada!). It has exactly two ingredients: argan oil and lavender. I use it each night instead of a night cream these days. It sinks right in and calms my skin after a hot shower.

And speaking of calming my skin, I think it’s time for a New Year’s beauty resolution update! Here’s how things are going:

  • Clean my makeup brushes on a regular basis. Yes, I’m still keeping this up! Although I have to admit, with the introduction of RMS makeup into my routine, I’m not using as many brushes as before.
  • Calm my skin, once and for all. Being an obsessive ingredient-list reader has a lot to do with this goal. And it’s working! It does mean that I sometimes have to go to speciality stores to find what I’m after, but it’s 100% worth it.
  • Master some hairstyles, already! I’m…er…getting there. Okay, this one needs a little attention.
  • Be kind to my hair. I’m brunette again! And I feel like myself again, thank goodness. I had to take a few inches off, which was pretty sad, but it also allows me to start fresh…and without the split ends. All things considered, my hair has been pretty kind to me, and I should return the favour.

Do you have any simple products that you love? Let me know in a comment below!


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