Fave find: A lovely eyeshadow palette


Happy (almost) Halloween! Ever since my trick-or-treating years ended, I haven’t been a big Halloween person. So, moving right along…

I’m curious: do you buy eyeshadow palettes, or do you buy individual colours to mix and match on your own? Sometimes I buy palettes and only use a few colours, which seems like such a waste. But then again, it’s always less expensive to buy a set.

Lately, I’ve been using bareMinerals’ Power Neutrals palette in “The Sexy Neutrals” and I’ve been really impressed. I love using the neutral shades and combining them in different ways, and I like that there’s a mix of matte and shimmer. I even use the darkest one as an eyeliner, and it’s really nice. The colours look great on my skin tone, and, coupled with a primer, they’re surprisingly long wearing. I should mention that I use mostly my own brushes with them, rather than the little one in the case.

I think it’s probably the closest natural alternative to the famous “Naked” palette by Urban Decay. Everyone says that the colours are formula are to die for, but I can’t get over all the chemicals they use–like talc. No, thanks! Even some so-called “natural” brands use talc in their formulas, as the first ingredient. It’s shockingly hard to find talc-free eyeshadow.

Do you have a favourite eyeshadow palette? Or do you buy individual colours?


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